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How To Contour a Baby Face

Hey guys,

Today’s post is about the craze of contouring and how I would do it. I think the first up most important thing about this whole trend is to understand your face shape and what to do with it. When I say baby face I’m referring to my heart shapes face and big cheeks. An example is that I know I have a small forehead so instead of contouring that area like someone with a long face, I’d stick to mainly highlights in order for it to appear bigger.

Contouring requires a lot of effort, time and precision and those things just don’t mix well with me. I think it’s more of a look I’d do when I want to go to a special event, as I’m someone who stays home majority of the time, I didn’t go too crazy with the contouring at all. You guys may know by now, I like the natural side to things rather than full on glam looks, so I toned everything down.

If you’d like to see how I contoured my baby face, just scroll down and then tell me what you think: Did I do it right? Is it weird? Is it still a trend some of you hate/love?

Products Used


I chose the easy way of doing things and brought out this 15 shade concealer palette out to do the job. You can clearly see which of the three colours I used from the image above.
I used a regular flat brush to get the colours on my face, then smudged the colours in like a lunatic with my beauty blender. Blend blend blend and blend some more is the rule here. Last but not least, I added a little more bronzer to my cheeks with my Nars brush and illuminated the top of my cheeks with my Barry M Highlighter.

How It Looked


Bare Face


Contour Lines



DSCF2229 DSCF2227

Finished Face

 DSCF2280 DSCF2237


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