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Etude House: Secret Brush 121 Skin VS MISSHA: Oval Brush

Let’s start with a little introduction as to why I got these little babies. I was extremely interested in the Artis Oval 8 Brush. I thought it would make foundation application so easy and quick and watching videos, everything just looked so flawless. It’s on my wishlist *hint hint guys* but the problem is that it’s a ridiculous price, furthermore the shipping is also ridiculous, to deliver it here to the UK. I know MAC Cosmetics also has them, However, reviews of their oval brushes put me off. It didn’t live up to the quality of the Artis Ones and so I went for these smaller Korean Dupes/Versions I guess. They were too cute and inexpensive to pass up!

After my review of the brushes, I’ll leave a video tutorial of how the brushes worked.

MISSHA Professional Oval Make Up Brush

To Start off with, I’ll talk about the MISSHA Oval Brush, it has a lovely black sleek design that gets thinner towards the end holding the brush. This makes it flexible allowing little effort needed when applying your make up. The brush hairs are very soft and have a medium density, its very easy to use and provides quick application.

The brush was £8.94 and came shipped with 4 lovely cute samples that I’ll review later. If you’d like to view the product then click here.

DSCF2186 DSCF2193
DSCF2195 DSCF2194

In the Video Tutorial, I used Barry M’s Moisturising Balm Foundation In Light & Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up Concealer.

Etude House: Secret Brush 121 Skin

This brush is by Etude House, it’s more sturdy than the MISSHA Brush and has a 2nd attachable spondge head. This allows easier application of powders or to blend the foundation even better than the brush does. For example to remove any streaks or lines. The brush also has printed instructions, in order to view it click here. The brush has a nice, golden, design making it more feminine and cute. It is also very soft and has a lower density than the MISSHA Brush. The brush costs £8.68, you can view the item here.

DSCF1013 DSCF1014 DSCF1017 DSCF1018

In the Video Tutorial for this brush I used MISSHA’s BB Cream (I reviewed it earlier, thought I’d try it again but it’s horrible for my skin type) and for the Powder, I used Bourjois Paris Rice Powder.

Video Tutorial

Pros For MISSHA                                                                              Pros For Etude House
-Lightweight                                                                                      -Good Density 
-Good Density                                                                                    -Soft
-Soft                                                                                                  -Easy To Use
-Flexible                                                                                            -Had Sponge Head Attachments
-Easy to use                                                                                 -Better In Small Areas around the eyes
-Cover a Larger Service Area

-Both Brushes have yet to see a Con But my honest preference is the MISSHA brush as it covers more service area.


I give Etude House 

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