What My Desk Looks Like

Hey Honey Buns,

You’d think with all the beauty stuff I’d post I’d have a desk dedicated to just that. In reality though, that’s not true, I can’t do that yet as I’m going to be in my third year of University soon and we all know how Important an un-cramped desk is. Instead all my beautifying products go in a section of my wardrobe which I can tour you guys on some other time. For now, Here’s a few simply things I have on my desk out of my love for cute things and snacks of course.

First up I bought this Ceramic Water Jug which was supposed to be for garden displays but it was just too cute and I thought I could keep all my cute pens in it instead. It was large enough for them and just brings a bit of me into my room really. All my normal pens are in the drawers hidden away but we all know their better and easier to write with.

DSCF1046 DSCF1047

Next up we’ve my cute pink tinted water bottle for when I’m too lazy to get up but get thirsty, it’s always filled up and extremely useful in times where I spend hours in my room doing absolutely nothing. I used to poor it into the tea cup and drink in a civil way however at the moment its filled with my chocolate snacks. If you notice the top picture, you can see I have another white tray dedicated to snacks as I’m a little fatty and love to eat.

Moving on the right image, I have a stack of sticky notes and believe me that is not all of them, there’s more cute things tucked away in my drawer but these ones stacked the best, in my opinion, so I currently use them. All of these sticky notes were purchased from Paperchase so if you’re into what I’m into. Give it a look!


Hope you guys liked my desk,
Love, Dillan xx


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