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Travel Journals: #1 Istanbul-Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2013

Hey Guys, So I figured as I love travelling, when I go somewhere new physically and do something cool or see beautiful things, I’d blog about it. This is post is welcoming a series of posts called Travel Journals for my blog, I hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think xx


Sometime during August of 2013, Turkey held a World Culture Expo in Istanbul. It was mainly a cultural joining of Korea and Turkey in which they performed together in various acts. I was lucky enough to go while it was occurring and I was completely oblivious to it being there until I saw it up and running one day in the famous Ayasofya Square in Istanbul, Turkey.

I did many things and looked at many stalls as it is something I am interested in due to having watched korean dramas and listened to Kpop back in my younger years. So in 2013, I really enjoyed the festival as I was somewhere familiar more so than unfamiliar.

During their fashion show, My favourite outfit was the picture below. Not only was the model really beautiful but the outfit was a modernised version of a Hanbok (Traditional Korean Clothing) mixed in with a turkish design.

One thing that was on my bucket-list to do is try on their cultural clothing called Hanbok, I would actually love to try every single cultures as its just something I’m in to. So when the opportunity arose and I found a stall in which I could do so, I instantly came back the next day when It was open just so I could cross it off my list of things that I’ve done.

I had a lovely time there, while the ladies where helping me wear the clothing in the right way. As soon as I had it on they were ever so sweet and called me while talking amongst each other as to how I looked, they called me “yeppeo” and “kwiyupta” which means pretty and cute. Although, they didnt know I’d understand, I did due to the small bits of korean I know and immedietly thanked them back in korean “kamsahamnida”. It was really nice because you could see the suprise and joy in their face just with a simple thanks and of course, its the least I could do for them putting a smile on mine.


My Little Cousin: Lasso


Hope you liked the post and the few words of beauty and thanks I taught you.
Love, Dillan xx


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