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Remember to Grab A Quick Breakfast!

Hey Guys,


I’ve realised I never really talk about myself much on here, so to start of with, I’ll do something a little different and talk about me. I know most people don’t like breakfast or often skip it but for me It’s my favourite meal of the day, growing up I always used to eat as a family in the morning and it was just a time where I could do something I enjoy (Eating) and be with people I love. The table we ate on was always filled with laughter and teasing no matter how little there was to eat and whenever I do eat breakfast, it makes me feel some sort of warmth. I guess it’s strange to explain but nevertheless, when I eat breakfast I’m a happy little bunny and no matter what, I refuse to skip it.

Although I hate eating alone, Worst comes to worst, I’ll still end up doing it. I’ve always thought that I should make a show where I just eat so that people who don’t have someone to eat with get to eat with me but I guess that’s a weird thought and not everyone thinks as innocently as I do. Would have been fun.

Anyway here’s a few places I like to get Breakfast from:

  1. Spoonful – A small Cafe In Barnes,London. This Photo Features simple scrambled eggs and lovely bread. It’s safe to say bread can make such a difference to breakfast.


2. Al Enam – A Middle Eastern Restaurant in North Acton. This is something I used to it when I go back home to Kurdistan. It’s a nice sweet dessert, the best way I can describe it to be is like a crunchy pancake/pastry with syrup all over it. I like to add in Clotted cream or the cream I buy specially in this restaurant which is made out of Buffalo Milk.image

3. Harris + Hoole – A cafe In Uxbridge. I literally loved this place because look how nice the bread there is, they also have interesting choices of sandwich that I don’t really see anywhere else.image

This image below was a Aubergine and Halumi Cheese Flatbread Sandwhich with Raspberry Lemonade.image

According to top tips for health, these are 10 reasons, why you should not skip your breakfast and eat healthy foods each morning:

1. Starting your morning with breakfast will boost your metabolism.

2. A morning meal helps keep your blood sugar levels stable during the day.

3. Healthy and nutritious breakfast reduces risk for overeating and cravings later in the day.

4. Having breakfast helps you eat fewer calories later in the day and maintain a healthy weight.

5. A morning meal is a necessary fuel not only for your body but for the brain as well. Eating a healthy breakfast helpsimprove your concentration and productivity.

6. People who skip breakfast have less energy and are less physically active.

7. If you don‘t have morning meal you have worse moods during the day.

8. Skipping breakfast influences you having poorer memory.

9. If you don’t eat breakfast you are much more likely to become overweight.

10. People who regularly skip breakfast face a higher risk for serious health problems (for example, type 2 diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease).

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my post just as much as I enjoy eating my meals.


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