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MAC: Mineralized Skinfinish | Swatch & Review | Ft Nars Brush #27 Yachiyo



Hey Guys,

Today’s Blog Post is about MAC’s Mineralized Skinfinish, with me I have the shade Gold Deposit and use it as a highlighter. I’ll also be talking about NARS #27 Brush which I absolutely love for applying my highlighters. I really love the packaging and look of both these products, anything black and sleek always instantly draws my attention, maybe that’s why I love the NARS and MAC so much.

When holding ther Mineralized skinfinish in my hand, I always feel Like I’m holding a gem before applying it to my face, the  #27 Yachiyo blush is so soft and helps me to blend it flawlessly onto my skin. image

When swatching MAC’s Gold Deposit Skin Finish I figured that I may aswell swatch several times so you can see all the different shades that come out, I love the gold undertones in the highlighter, it helps provide more illumination to the face.image

How It Looked On:

image  image

Pros Of MAC’s Mineralized Skin finish                                                  Pros Of NARS’ #27 Yachiyo
-Illuminating                                                                                           -Soft
-Pigmented                                                                                            -Easy to Use
-Lovely for the summer.                                                                          -Medium Density
-Aesthetically Beautiful                                                                            -Aesthetically Beautiful

-Yet to find any in both products.

I give this item ..


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