Blossom: Scented Cuticle Oil

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Hey Guys,

Today’s blog post is about a Nail Cuticle oil created by Blossom. I’ve talked about their lip balm and how it had the cutest aesthetic appeal and so here I am again. When I saw their Cuticle oil, I just had to buy it, it smells amazing. It’s weird but the best way I can describe it is that it has a lovely floral shampoo smell to it. The application is also very easy as you can put it on just like nail polish.


We all know it looks great but I was sceptical on how it would work, I didn’t really get a chance to try it as I got arclyic nails for my holiday to Denmark last week. (Which by the way was a horrible experience and although they looked amazing, my nails were so much weaker than they already are so I wont be doing that again). When I took the arclyics off, my nails were so weak and looked so lifeless, I’ve been using this oil everyday so far and I really feel as though it makes a difference. I can’t say much for the strength of my nails but they definitely look healthier and so I’ll keep at it.

-Gives nails a healthier look
-Smells amazing
-Very Pretty Product

-Yet to find any.

I give this item ..


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