Real Techniques: Mini Bush Trio


Hey Guys,

I purchased this cute little set before heading out on my holiday to Denmark. I really didn’t want to talk all those big purchase when I was only going on such a short trip. These brushes are priced at £9.99 and personally I think just the fact they are small and cute appeal to me.

The design of the brushes are very sleek and they come in three different colours and a small pouch. The pouch is really good to keep them clean and more importantly stop it from mixing in your bag and ruining the bristles; Which by the way are extremely soft!

The set contains a Mini Face Brush (Pink), Shading Brush (Purple) and lastly a foundation brush (Gold/Yellow). My favourite one was the face brush as I used it the most, I actually haven’t tried out the shading brush yet. The foundation brush I actually used to apply my highlighter since I hate using brushes for foundation. It worked great for that but as far as foundation goes, I think it works really well to touch up your make up instead of putting it all on.

I really do like these brushes but which there were other brushes like a eye-shadow blending brush then it would be perfect for me.image

-Very Soft
-Sleek Design
-Travel Sized. Perfect for On the Go Make Up.
-Cute To Have

-None so far

I give this item ..


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