GOSH: #Foundation Drops


Hey Guys,

Today’s post is about Gosh’s New Foundation Drops, which I have decided to love. This foundation reminds me of Dior Air, it is lovely and silky on the fact despite being slightly dry for me (it shows some of my dry areas, however, I have mentioned before how I get rid of those).

Gosh’s Foundation drops provide a medium coverage with one layer and it is totally build-able to whatever you desire. The Foundation also contains argan oil, Antiderm (Natural Anti inflammatory) and other Anti-acne/Anti-microbal/Anti-irritant ingredients which sounds pretty interesting. It is priced at £12.99 which isn’t bad for a product like this, I do love it and it is something I would buy full sized.


-Smooth and Silky
-Almost Luminous
-Good coverage

-Not really Suitable for Those with Dry skin as it highlights dry areas of your face.
-Only Has 5 Shades available so far.

I give this item ..


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