H&M: Lip Definers


Hey Honeybuns,

Today’s post is a review of H&M’s Lip Definers, they are part of a new range and I just had to try them out. Each liner was priced at 39.95 Krona this is approximately £3. I purchased 4 colours, these are as follows: Bramble Ripple, Cherry Tart, Savoir Faire and lasting Chocolate Therapy. Below you can see a swatch of the colours in the same order




I really liked the outer packaging, the box reminded me to be similar to MAC’s Lip Liners. However, It was a lovely elegant white contrasting with Gold Mirrored Font. The rest of the package is black and has a useful outer sticker which helps you identify the colour of the Lip Liner. On the inside, the liner is pretty basic with a nice sleek design. The thing I dont like is the fact the information and Colour name is on a sticker which can easily come off and has air bubbles.


Overall though, I really do love the packaging and the definers themselves are amazing! I would definitely recommend buying it as they are so soft and creamy to apply and dry on a matte finish which is almost smudge proof. I loved these so much to the point I am sad I didnt just purchase all the shades since these are that good; I really hope I can find them here in England.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, let me show you how the lip pencils looked on:

Cherry Tart


Bramble Ripple


Savoir Faire


Choco Therapy


I wanted to see how these Liners paired with H&Ms Lip Vinyls (Lip Glosses) and I really loved the result so I thought I’d show you guys that too:

Choco Therapy Lip Definer + Chic Choc Lush Lip Vinyl


Bramble Apple Lip Definer + Plum Fairy Lush Lip Vinyl


-Smooth and Silky
-Easy To apply
-Dries Matte ( Smudge Proof)
-Easy to Use
-Well Worth The Money

-Sticker Information on the Lip Liner Is Annoying.

I give this item ..


11 thoughts on “H&M: Lip Definers

  1. I heard that H&M came out with a beauty line but was hesitant because clothing brands that delve into beauty almost always never get it right (except for some lovely pieces from Topshop), but it looks promising to me now. Thank you for your review. I might just pick these up, too. 😉

    –Jorj | Mad Cherry

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