My Alice in Wonderland Books


Hey Sweeties,

I wanted to share with you my two copies of Alice In Wonderland since It’s still Alice In Wonderland appreciation week for me. I’ve got two copies in my collection and its not selfishly because one was really to cute to pass up (Although it really is). I had my first Red 1992 copy for while but I recently purchased this beautifully pink leather book, my excuse was that it contained other stories written by Lewis Carroll. In reality though it was the cute illustrations!

The First Book I’ll show off is the Everyman’s Library Children’s Classic 1992 Edition, I really loved the design as the red, black and Gold colours work perfectly together. The spine of the book is very elegant but since it’s printed on somewhat cotton-like material, the words and colours other than red can wear away easily so I always have to be careful when reading it.



The inside of the book also has this lovely checkered print and inside you are able to write who the book belongs to. The book also contains the regular original Alice in Wonderland drawings to go along with the story.


The Second book is very cute, it is a Barnes & Noble Leatherbond Childrens Classic,  the cover were drawing by artist Hugh D’andrade and I absolutely love it! Below Are the Front (Left) and Back (Right) Covers  of the book, The book also conveniently has its own lovely bookmark and the fare edges of the book are painted gold. It’s currently under £20 on Amazon and I thought It was a lovely Buy.

wpid-wp-1442612056000.jpg  wpid-wp-1442612036014.jpg

Have a look at the lovely illustrations by Hugh D:


image image

The inside of the book also has lovely yet strange illustrations all over, then you are greeted with the regular Alice In Wonderland Drawings.



Which book do you guys prefer?


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