Hiroki Lipgloss: Perfect For Halloween

Hey Guys!

Today’s post is a sponsored review by Hiroki, I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to try Francesca’s Lip glosses and I thought I’d make the most of the opportunity by getting to know her better! I thought I’d share what I learnt with you guys before I go ahead with the review.

About Hiroki

She’s a graphic design student who went through a lot of trial and error, showing her love of making cosmetics, to get to her wonderful Store named Hiroki, (She also owns Hex Potions which is currently being sold at, check that out for nail polishes and Eye-shadows). Her inspiration for her glosses comes from a lot of fiction, you can tell by the names of her cute lip glosses that she’s a dreamer just like me. Hiroki means abundant joy in Japanese and that is exactly what Francesca sets out to give her customers, she has a vision of allowing people to be themselves and wear what they want to confidently on their lips. She gave me a wonderful message that I’ll end with about her little store “if anyone is going to take away any sort of lesson from me, it would be don’t be afraid to fail. Hiroki is a successful shop but only because I had so many failures and I kept trying.”


_DSC0841 _DSC0848

start off with, I have to mention the packaging. Cute things always appeal to me and so I have to say my eyes were pleased when I received a cute and simple turquoise bag with purple wrapping paper. The colours looked great together and I absolutely adore Hiroki’s Logo. It makes her products look that much more appealing!

Inside of my package were these clamshell samples along with cute stickers and a little signature Hiroki charm! I almost fangirled a little at that point as the little touches warmed my heart.

_DSC0853  _DSC0856

I immediately had to try it on and its super duper cute even as a cute necklace charm.
_DSC0864 image

Product Performance

I really loved these lipglosses as the consistency was nice and soft, some were smoother than others, that depending on the shade of the lipgloss. This is probably due to different ingredients being used, However, none were unpleasant to put on my lips. I loved the fact I could build on the gloss to get more pigmentation and that they weren’t sticky. There was no real smell to it but just lovely colours to play with. You can easily top it on a lipstick for a completely different look. These glossies are perfect for cosplay or Halloween this month; or if you don’t care like me and wear funky colours all day long 🙂

I applied the gloss with a lip brush, I feel as though this helps me get more precision and allows me to build the colour to my desire. It also helps with the glosses that have glitter undertones to not get mixed all over my face since I’m messy like that.

How the colours looked on

Supernatural 1st Light Layer


Supernatural 2nd Layer


Supernatural Under MakeUp Revolution’s Serpent Lipstick


Creature from the Black Lagoon 1st Layer


Creature from the Black Lagoon 2nd Layer
( I absolutely love how this created a perfect ombre!)


Creature from the Black Lagoon on top of MakeUp Revolution’s Immoral Lipstick


Blood Countess 1st Layer
(What a perfect first layer? I absolutely love this colour, it really makes me feel like a bloodey Countess)


Blood Countess 2nd Layer


Dead Before Dark 1st Layer


Dead Before Dark 2nd Layer


The Vampire Queen 1st Layer


The Vampire Queen 2nd Layer
(This shade makes me feel like I’m wearing the galaxy! It’s so beautiful)


The Vampire Queen on top of Limnit’s Bewitching hour Lipstick.


I think in my opinion, it goes without saying that these glossies are amazing and will be great fun for me to wear out and about. I received so many compliments on the bold colours I wore so I can’t wait to have fun with these.

What do you guys think?


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