Sensetem: Handmade Korean Soaps with Natural Ingredients

Hey Sweeties,

Today I wanted to talk about a lovely store called Sensetem, it is a cute little skincare store that makes soaps based in south Korea. I had the lovely opportunity to work with Young Sun who makes the soaps and get to try out various types of soaps from her store. Young Sun has had trouble with her sensitive skin and so she set out to make her own natural products which many of us can now benefit from. I was extremely excited to try these as they also fit the criteria for my skin type._DSC1104


The packaging was lovely, I extremely love the simplicity of the labels. It matches how nature the soaps are as just from a first look you can already tell exactly what ingredients are in it and what is not. Each soap has a name which was created in regards to the main theme/ingredient in the soap. I loved the wrapping paper with words on the soaps, it was a nice addition to the packaging.

Product Performance: Each soap is made differently with different ingredients, they are unique in their own way and so I will talk about them individually.

Dried Orange Peel

As you can see this soap was very intriguing with different tones of brown swirling around, the visual appeal was almost like art. This particular soap smelt like herbs and contained various oils such as castor, primrose, coconut, rice brain and many more (it also of course contained Dried orange peel in powder form). All of these things helped make me skin feel so soft after using the soaps. Whether it be on my body, hands or face. It’s safe to say all of the soaps made me feel very soft and refreshed.

_DSC1116 _DSC1117

The Dried Orange Peel soap left my hands feeling very silky and soft, It didn’t lather as much in comparison to the other soaps but I think that was a good thing. This soap is perfect on cold winter days as it Replenishes the oils I may have lost and helps to keep my skin in a better condition.



I absolutely loved this soap, it looked amazing, a perfect Ombre of red and what was amazing about this soap was it was almost transparent, it was definitely something I would buy just because it looks great. The soap itself smelt amazing and what I liked about this one in particular is that it’s lovely floral smell would linger my skin after having had a wash. It also lathered up very nicely. This soap contained  vitamin E which is very good for the skin alongside other essential oils such as jasmine for the great smell.

_DSC1124 _DSC1125

_DSC1126 _DSC1131


Coffee & Chocolate

Similar to the ingredients of before this soap also contained vitamin E; what I particularly loved the most was the use of coffee powder. It enabled the soap to have an exfoliating texture which is why I love to use this one on my face or during days I feel like Exfoliating my body. With small beads it is perfect to not damage the skin but also do its job in removing dead skin cells, that is what makes me feel so refreshed and relaxed after using this soap. The smell is definitely a mixture of cocoa and coffee. However, due to the coffee fragrance oil, it smells more so like coffee.

_DSC1138  _DSC1140


Rebatch Soap

This soap was definitely different from the rest, it contained many ingredients to help improve the skins elasticity and was interesting to look at. While it reminded me of a tasty flapjack and despite it containing chocolate, I had to remind myself it wasn’t edible and carry on trying it out. I loved this soap, it lathered well and had a herbal smell to it. Similar to all of the soaps made by Sensetem, my skin always feels extremely soft and refreshed afterwards.

_DSC1147 _DSC1152


Last but not least, I was also sent these lovely mini soap samples to try. Which turned out very lucky for me as they are the perfect size to carry around in my bag! I know it may sound silly but I love how soft my hands feel and I’d rather cleanse and moisturise my skin with these little cuties than use the normal soap in the bathrooms. So its safe to say I’ve been converted by Sensetem to use her natural soaps and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

Pure Soap: This was probably the most basic soap made by Sensetem, but even then it was still good, I loved the fact it contained the simplistic goodies for the skin: Olive oil and Shea Butter. There’s no fuss about what is put into it.

Mungbean, Red Bean & Liquorice Soap: I liked this soap as it had gentle exfoliating grains in it, so similar to the Coffee & Chocolate one, I like to use it for my face. It also smelt lovely and herbal.

Charcoal, Pearl and Pumpkin Soap: This soap reminded me of the dried orange peel soap, it had a lovely intrinsic design, almost like a peace of art and similar to the other soaps, leaves me feeling nice and soft.


What do you guys think? I highly recommend to give the store a look, and to try one of her soaps. You Wont Regret it just as I haven’t 🙂


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