Banquet Records: Coldrain Performance + Meet and Greet

Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to share with you a gig I went to by Coldrain. They were having a little gathering to do an Acapella Performance in Kingston at Banquet Records. This was on the 23rd of October. The show started at 1800 and featured three songs, two from the new album Vena: These were Heart of The Young & Gone ( My favourite) and one from their old album Revelation called You Lie.

I’ll post the performances/Snippets below, let me know what you guys think of it. I’ll then talk about the Meet and Greet with Coldrain

Coldrain – Gone Acapella

This was my favourite song of the new album and I was so excited when they announced they’d perform it. It was the final song played so it literally made my day.

Coldrain – You lie Acapella

Coldrain – Heart of the young Acapella

The Meet and Greet

I got a chance to meet Coldrain and take a picture aswell as get my CD signed. They whole band were very lovely and funny. Although Katsuma was very quite, it was was nice see the band’s personality in person, even during the performance they didn’t fail to make us laugh. Big thanks to Masato for being so energetic.

I also saw a group photo that was put on Masato’s instagram and twitter. I really appreciate his love for us fans. I wonder, can you guys spot me in the second picture?

The next photos are showing off the signed album and my lovely nails by Island nail design which I’ll be blogging about tomorrow.





Hope you guys Enjoyed this post; let me know what you think!


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