Isla Ann Inspirations – Hair Accessories + 15% discount code

Hey Guys!

Today I bring you a lovely review of something new! I’ve had the lovely chance to work with Danielle over at Isla Ann inspirations to review her adorable hair bands! She is a person who went from being adorably horrible at doing her hair at a young age to loving cute things and doing her hair and daughters hair often. She loves arts and crafts and so loves accessioning her daughters hair which inspired her to share that joy with others over the world. I found the most adorable thing was that the versatility in her bows being for adults and children comes from the fact she sometimes like the match with her daughter. I absolutely love that about her! If you want to check out her trendy, fun and cute store, please click here and let me know what your favourite accessory was!


_DSC0957  _DSC0945

The packaging was absolutely adorable! Even the padded envelope came in a cute purple colour with white polka dots. Inside there was red tissue paper with a cute black sticker on it that said “For You”, it felt like I was receiving a heartfelt gift and I loved that. Inside there were three lovely bows, beautifully presented and all unique. My hairbands were the nylon option in comparisonto the elastic. This meant that in order to tie my irritatingly thick hair into a ponytail, I would need to use the stronger elastic ties I have and tie these cute bows over it as a second hair tie, I did not mind that one bit however for the purposes of reviewing the hairbands itself, I have let down my hair to be a Princess Rapunzel with ISLA ANN inspirations.



My favourite hair accessory was the Cream/Beige coloured one, It was a hard pick as they are all so cute and lovely for different outfits, however I just felt like it was nice and big and didn’t get lost within all the hair I have. The last black hair tie, I had to get a close up shot as it blends in too much with my hair to see far away. I loved the elegant and sleek design it had to it. It was very simplistic and yet so beautiful at the same time.

_DSC0986  _DSC0983

_DSC0978 _DSC0979


I hope you guys enjoyed these posts, let me know what you think? Would you wear these?

Discount code

Type in REALITYDEITY at check out for 15% off! I’d love to know what you guys purchased!


One thought on “Isla Ann Inspirations – Hair Accessories + 15% discount code

  1. How cute! The nylon elastic base that she uses is my absolute FAVOURITE. I searched so many places to find those and finally found them in random store. I really like the simple black leather one!


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