Island Nail Designs – Review


Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to share with you these lovely nails that Shania Boucher Made for me, I have to say I was immediately in love and couldn’t wait to try them the second I received them.

Shania owns a little online store named Island Nail Design and has been doing nail art for about 6 years and I was terribly excited as all of her designs are so elegant and beautiful; I can definitely see her passion through her work. She loves using nautical themes, as she’s spent her entire life living by the ocean. However she likes to create looks inspired by current trends so that she can offer high end looks to my customers at much more affordable price, a more temporary time-frame, and with less damage to the natural nail than salon manicures.

What she said to me there was very important to me, I had gotten acrylic nails for the first time 2 months ago. Although my nails looked wonderful for a while, I absolutely hated what it did to my nails and how weak it made them. I’m a nail biter and so I already suffer from weak nails as it is, after that experience I decided never to mess with acrylic nails again. Shania’s nails were completely different and didn’t damage my nails at all. So lets get right to my review since I’m ready to declare my love already.


The package came with a lover silver lining which was adorable, inside of the package, I received a lovely thank you note, instructions, glue and of course the nails!

The instructions for the nail application were very simple and clear and meant that I could follow them to the W without messing up.


The nail design itself were ones I chose which I fell in-love with as soon as I saw them. They were matte black stiletto colour with prints of glossy flowers contrasted with gold X marks. I absolutely loved this design so much and I didn’t have an issue with having to file down the nails as they fit perfectly and none were too big. I’m glad I didn’t have to do that because knowing myself I’d probably cry if I ruined them.

The nails were perfect and I picked them out according to Shania’s Size chart which by the way I think is a great way to get your sizes right.


Take a look at how pretty they are below:


The nail application process was pretty easy, it probably took far less time to put these on compared to how long it may have taken for Shania to produce these wonderful Island Nail Designs. I used my own mini filing set on my real nails just as the instructions have told me to make sure I get a good grip on the nails and applied to glue provided.


The following set of images will show how they looked on. My favourite factor is how natural they looked, as a nail biter this was really beneficial for me as I don’t know how to work long nails. The nails were comfortable and I, alongside others, barely could tell they were  fake once I had them on.



Personally I would have liked to glue them on forever but I know that wasn’t possible so I was extremely happy for the week I kept them on. I put them on for the special occasion that I went to watch Dynamo’s performance at Hammersmith Apollo (For those of you who don’t know him, He’s an amazing magician. I’ll be posting my experience at a later date.)

I work as a carer for individuals with dementia and so I took my nails off for the weekend that I work as I need to be as delicate as possible. However, I can honestly say that if I didn’t choose the stiletto shape, I doubt I would have had to take it off as the polish does not chip at all and my selection would be too short to bother the residents if I were to hold their hands etc.

Nevertheless, It gave me the opportunity to realise that I can reuse these nails and that made me even more ecstatic.





Please let me know what you guys think and look at her store by clicking here: 



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