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Christmas In London: My Favourite Things

Hey Guys,

As you all may or may not know, I live in London, i’m lucky enough to live close to the most beautiful parts of it. I thought it would be a nice idea to show what London is like during Christmas time. I’d love for you guys to do the same and show me what Christmas is like where you live! This blog post gathers some of my favourite things about Christmas time in London this year so lets get started 🙂

Regent Street



Regent street is always a must go location for me, every year it’s buzzing with life filled with magical displays and the decoration just gets better and better. This year,Regent street was decorated with these beautiful Christmas lights by ACT Lighting Design that showed little clips on the circular screens. They were so beautiful and definitely something to put everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Heres a Quick 20 Second Collage Video of the magical lights:

Oxford Street


Oxford street is the official tourist attraction when wanting to shop in the centre of London. It is also filled with an enormous amount of people and has been decorated with silver Christmas balls for lights similar to last year; with additions of golden snowball like lights. Most of the stores have their own individual decoration to make Oxford street that much more sparkly. wp-1450790584100.png


Bond Street

wp-1450790575911.pngBond Street is also on par with the other two famous streets; showing of it’s beautiful peacock themed christmas lights to really pull of a magical look. I love how romantic walking through the arc of lights can be; isnt it funny how something pretty can make you feel so relaxed and happy? I guess it is the christmas spirit.screenshot_2015-12-22-13-17-21-1.png


Carnaby Street

wp-1450782416851.pngCarnaby street takes a more Disco/Party approach to christmas. With the cutest pink disco balls and stars to light up the streets of london. It really sets the mood for a good time out with your friends or even while simply shopping.wp-1450782424866.png


Covent Garden


Covent Garden went all out this year with a mistletoe theme and a large Christmas tree with a cute big red bow; wishing everyone a merry Christmas. Entering Apple market had meant entering a beautiful decor of mistletoes and large silver spherical ornaments. A Good Excuse for a Quick Peck!


On the other side I was greeted with this large silver Reindeer. You cant tell from my photo but he has lights around his body making him shine in the dark.


Walking a little further into Covent Garden you will be able to see a large CHANEL snowglobe infront of the store. I thought this was amazing and I wouldnt hesitate to purchase a cute small version for christmas. It’s Lovely!


The Strand

Despite it being the first area in London to be light up with electric street lighting, this year it is light up for the very first time with Christmas lights. Making London Sparkle more than ever before:



Trafalgar Square

This Norwegian Fir stands tall in-front of the National Art Gallery In Trafalgar Square. I found out that London has been receiving a Christmas Tree every year since 1947 as a thank you for the Support that was given in World War 2.

St Pancras International Station

A very creative Christmas tree made of 2,000 Disney Toys stands tall in St Pancras International Station, I had the luxury of seeing it went I went for a weekend To Hertfordshire. It’s adorable and unique with Mickey Mouse resting on top of the tree. Every now and then fake snow is sprayed out from the top making it magical. I love the fact the toys will later be Donated to Children’s Disability Charities during New Years.


Claridge’s (Near Bond Street)

wp-1450823605473.pngwp-1450823609238.pngThis luxurious hotel had the cutest decorations outside and inside, signature to their own little puppets. The great thing about Claridge’s this year is their Christmas Tree by Burberry; made with metallic gold and silver umbrellas. What’s beautiful about it is that it’s lights shine across the room as someone walks by it



Damien Hirst Christmas Tree

This tree was designed by Damien Hirst and stands outs of the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair. It’s decorated with medical items to represent the power of science and medicine. The only thing I didnt get about it was why sausages were on it; but hey its a great weird decoration.



Although not as big and bright as central london. I thought I’d share what my little King Street Looks like during the Christmas Season. I still find it lovely and as you can see, London is not without christmasy lights.


Westfield – Shepherd Bush


A major shopping mall known as Westfield glows up immensely. With tinsels and sparkles everywhere. It’s full of people and boy does it get crowded. During winter/Christmas it has a ice rink which I think is lovely but Imagine falling down in front of everybody watching. Ouch.


Other Shopping Displays

Another thing I love is looking at Shopping Displays, this undoubtedly increases during Christmas as everything becomes much more intense. Below I’ll share some of my favourites.

These Cute Decorations can be found inside Debenhams in Oxford Street.


Below; Although both have nothing to do with Christmas, they are on display during Christmas and that’s good enough for me. Regent Street’s Burberry has the Queens Guards on display holding adorable teddies and You will find Batman watching over us in The Toy Store; in Oxford Street.


Also in Oxford street, you can find these beautiful Christmas lights surrounding the trees in front of Pandora


There also this cute white Christmas Tree inside of Guru Makeup Emporium in Kingston High Street, It’s decorated with makeup and I thought it was worry of photography.



Winter Wonderland

img_20151208_231105.jpgWhere do I start. How can there be a Christmas or Winter In London without visiting Winter Wonderland? I will make whole Blog Post to dedicate to the The theme park alone. Just know that its full of beautiful attractions and lights.

Work Christmas Parties


The Christmas parties that work holds is debatable for some as some people don’t even go. For me, However, I enjoy spending time with my colleagues and have always had a good time with them. So Yay for a 2nd year Good Christmas Party.

Christmas Themed Drinks

Fun fact, I only started drinking Lattes this year. I normally always go for a Hot Chocolate if anything but being a university student who lacks sleep has made Latte’s my life ever since I first tried the ultimate Spiced Pumpkin Latte from Starbucks. I go now from A Ex-Coffee Hater and Shamer to divulging in its bitter glory.


My disappointment of losing the spiced pumpkin Latte has lead me to my next love, my Favourite Christmas drink from Starbucks, the Toffee Nut Latte. I’d also like to share a picture of the cute Christmas Tree Made out of Starbucks Cups that was in Kings Cross Station During November.

I also thought I’d share this Christmas Tree Located in Kensington High Street Branch for all those Starbucks Lovers.


Moving on to my next infatuation, this is for the Costa Coffee Cups this year. Look For incredibly adorable they are. My favourite Festive drink is the Sticky Toffee Latte, I must however mention, I loved the decoration of the Gingerbread Latte. Look how cute my gingerbread man smiles at me before I swallow him whole 🙂

Moving on from my sadistic nature with food, as a last resort, I succumbed to McDonald’s Toffee Lattes as my favourite coffee shops don’t open as late as 11pm. On the brighter side, look how absolutely adorable these cups are?

The End

Just Kidding, I highly doubt its the end. Do you know how much more I’d have to travel to see what All of London is like for Christmas? However, you get the Jist of it. Let me know what you think of London, is it what you expected?

Thank you for reading my post, I’d love for you to show me what Christmas is like where you live, take a stroll and let me know what you find.

Love, Dillan.

p.s. Merry Christmas x


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