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Your Charmed Life

Hello my sweeties,

Today I wanted to share with you a lovely Necklace I got from Kelly at Your Charmed Life Store. Kelly is a metal smith artist whom makes the most beautiful personalised jewellery and accessories. For her, it all started when she saw a mother wear her children’s names across her neck and she thought to herself that she could do just that. Give others that some piece of comfort and happiness. Since then she’s been creating unique pieces of art that she believes tell their own story and are a glimpse of your lives. She creates her designs from inspirations of nature and has over 500 items to choose from.

I had chosen a Crescent Moon Necklace, it was very simple yet so bold at the same time. I personally love delicate designs, I find that they make such a statement especially with lighter toned clothing.the necklace is of high quality and has a lovely shine to it. I’ve had it from months now and its one of the pieces I find myself wearing often. People always comment on it and ask me wear its from.


What do you guys think, is this something you would wear?

Love, Dillan




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