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How to do “Me Time”: Solesome Tea Party

Hello Honey Pots,

For those of you who may not remember, I made a post a while back about the importance of breakfast. I also mentioned my personal feelings as to why I love it, it was such a family orientated time when I was growing up. Now, when I eat alone, It makes me sad but here’s how I make up for it.


I always think it’s important to treat yourself, why should that be any less during breakfast? One of my alone time regimes is having a lonesome tea party, it’s not as sad as it sounds, nor does it take as long. Bring out your best plates and pots and throw together something to it. Put on your favourite show and start your day with comfortable you time. Skipping breakfast and missing out on a chance to put a pause on life seems a little wasteful to me, I mean we all do it, but I personally try hard not to. (Never mind the fact I’m extremely grumpy when I don’t eat).

If you are a tea lover like me, then I think investing in a cute one person tea cup is the right was forward. It always you to feel special all by yourself. This one was abour £12, it’s by Grace’s Teaware found in TK Maxx.


This other teapot set is by Stechcol, also found in TKMaxx.

Despite having the teapots or not, other things could be done like sitting out in the balcony for breakfast, if not that then taking it down to a local park. Regardless of how you do it, I think satisfying one of our most primitive needs (eating), can at times be a peaceful time out for your soul. After all, things are what we make of it. What do you guys think?

Love, Dillan xx



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