About Me

I hate that question, “Who are you”, “Tell me about yourself”. I don’t really have a lot to say but starting of with the basics I am a simple girl who’s 19 years old. I live in London and I like cute things and keeping memories. I guess that’s more of what this blog is to me than anything, something that’s a hobby, that consumes my time and shares my opinions of things in some sort of way.
My blog is mostly about beauty products as thats what excites me the most, I like to try new things and doll myself up when I can. Skincare is also very important to me as I have dry skin and so I always try and find out how I can look my best.
I’m currently in my 3rd Year doing a Psychology degree, I’ve been doing Psychology for almost 7 years now and It’s something I’ve always had a great passion for. I also work as a Health Care Assistant for individuals who have Dementia and it’s hard but I love it.

Other things about me is that I’m a sucker for mangas. animes and anything that’s a smaller size than it’s suppose to be. My favourite animal is a Panda, for no reason at all other than I love them. Last but not least, I love swimming, especially in the night. There’s something so calming about it.
I’m unsure where else to go with this as of this moment, but maybe later as I grow, I’ll get to grow this bit of my blog.



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